A step forward in your Yoga practice:
The play of the gunas (qualities of nature) and the gravity forces in your asana practice

October 19th, 2014 | 11:00h – 13:30h

Our asana practice can be a reflection of how we operate in our lives. In this play, our bodies and minds perform according to the Trigunas (the  three qualities of nature) and the gravity forces, sometimes unconsciously, whether be that from past references, personalities or automatic systems as a way to protect or cope with ourselves and external (and internal) wars.

This workshop is helping us to make a bridge from the subtle unconscious way of practicing asanas and using our bodies to the more conscious, or self-aware state through observing our patterns, anatomies and attitudes and using that bridge of knowledge (the trigunas and gravity forces) to help us become free of it and to allow ourselves to change-improve the Yoga practice and our lives

Maison de la Solidarité: 133 Rue du Viaduc, 1050 Ixelles