Prenatal Yoga

Grace, beauty, strength, energy, and firmness adorn the body through yoga. ~ Yoga Sutra III, 47

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is a great and unique moment to reconect with your body and your intuition, and Yoga can help you with that.

The Prenatal classes are an adaptation of the basic Sivananda class for pregnancy special needs. In this way the future mum can benefit of the physical aspect of yoga, as well as preparing breath and mind for labor.

In the class we will be working on:

    •  Connecting with deep resources of strength and energy, with the baby and the pregnancy
    •  Postural alignment, releasing stress, tension and fatigue
    •  Control of the breath and breathing techniques
    •  Stretching and strengthening
    •  Preparing for labor
    •  Relaxation

Prenatal students should have passed the first trimester to start with the lessons

Tuesdays 19-20:15

Studio 51 (Udi Malka): 51 Rue des Francs. 1040 Etterbeek

Please, feel free to ask for any doubt about your pregnancy or for more detailed info about the classes.